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The Holocaust, or rather how we narrate the Holocaust, and the place it occupies in our culture and history, is the prism through which we can assess our development as a civilization.

Holocaust Memorial Partnership

is built on diverse cultures, etnicities, approaches

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Auschwitz Virtual Tour

<p>Public session | free of charge | Educator: Dr. Jerzy Wojcik | date: May 5th, 2024, 2:00pm EST | please register here: </p>

Historic Journey

Auschwitz Virtual Tour

Successful since 2020



The Auschwitz Virtual Tour was created by Dr. Jerzy Wójcik in 2020 and has since been offered worldwide with the assistance of various institutions.

The most important thing remains unchanged: The NARRATIVE.

What is most important, however, is the fact that the educator can answer students' questions and provide a much deeper explanation

Dr. Mehak Burza

Jamia University, India

Jerzy Wójcik, with more than a decade of experience as a guide at The Auschwitz Museum has come up with an entirely new initiative of conducting The Auschwitz Virtual Tour. Almost a month old, this initiative is something so precious and pertinent during these difficult and trying times as it gives us the opportunity of an audio visual tour of the place within the comforts of our homes and time zones across the globe.

"Auschwitz Virtual Tour is an example of excellent practice within the field of digital Holocaust heritage."

Dr. Gilly Carr, University of Cambridge, UK, & Member of the UK delegation of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance

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About Us

Holocaust Memorial Partnership was established in 2015 with a specialization in organizing educational visits to Auschwitz and other sites associated with the Holocaust. Since 2020, we have primarily focused on virtual sessions dedicated to Auschwitz and other relevant topics related to the Holocaust. The Partnership comprises independent educators who have devoted years to teaching and lecturing about the Holocaust. We operate independently, yet maintain ongoing collaborations with various institutions, organizations, schools, colleges, and universities.


One of our workstations used for live sessions.

We have all spent our lives educating people about the Holocaust, and we all ask the question: Where will our civilization be in 2050?

Our sessions in progress

LIVE, virtual, immersive sessions


May 2024

Dachau - Understanding the Nazi Structure (Coming soon...)


June 2024

Elie Wiesel - his life as an inspiration.

Capturing Moments in History

Sobibor, Treblinka, Majdanek, Belzec, Chelmno

June 2024

Beyond Auschwitz - Operation Reinhardt: Extermination of Polish Jews (Coming soon...)


Virtual Commemoration Hall

The Commemoration Hall project aims to create a virtual space showcasing the histories of various Holocaust survivors. We envision this space to be open to everyone, including teachers and students, who wish familiarize themselves with these incredibly unique individual histories. The stories of Holocaust survivors extend beyond their wartime experiences. Often, their entire lives have been marked by extraordinary, sometimes horrific and dramatic experiences. Each story is different, each deserving of commemoration. [in progress]

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